~If you are interested in selling the BellyBrush read and complete the form below~

~We Welcome You~


Why sell Abrae product?

  • The first of its kind in the market
  • Patented OEM product from industry professionals
  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Perfectly packaged to stack on a sales rack
  • Made with recycled material
  • Field tested by horses and cattle
  • Only product that targets fly control & itch management under large animals
  • Pre-market notification on new product releases

How To Become A Bellybrush Retailer?

If you’re interested in becoming an authorized BellyBrush retailer, please see our wholesaler agreement and fill out inquiry form below.

Please direct application questions to

What Are The Requirements To Become A BellyBrush Retailer?

You must have a business license (issued by your local government) and a store front in order to be granted permission to sell the BellyBrush product.

Can I Apply To Sell Products Online?

Yes, Abrae is currently seeking online accounts. Applications to sell BellyBrush on auction sites (such as eBay) will not be considered.

What Is The Pricing And Minimum Order?

We strongly believe all horses and cows should have the opportunity to enjoy our products, so we encourage smaller supply and tack stores by promoting a low minimum wholesale first order on our new products.

Pricing and order information is shared only with authorized BellyBrush retailers. You will receive pricing and order information if your application is approved.

US Retailers Fill out our inquiry application. Once we receive your application, your retailer credentials will be reviewed. If you qualify, an Abrae account will be activated and purchase orders can be created through the website. All applicants will receive a response within 30 days.

Abrae enforces a MAP policy for your protection.