Stationary Cow Brush



Health benefits

Well known for many years, Cow Brushes or Comfort Brushes improve the life of livestock, in fact they are required by law in some countries like Denmark to be installed for their use! The BellyBrush is the only brush in the world that can provide comfort underneath. A proactive management practice that focuses on providing cows with a high level of comfort. The BellyBrush is a stationary cow brush that reinforces’ natural grooming habits and helps improve circulation and mental health.


The midline (belly) is the most unprotected area on livestock, and because flying insects are the most common disease transmission vectors, fly control is an essential part of management. Self-brushing tools have been proven to reduce cases of clinical mastitis and the BellyBrush is the only tool targeting that most unprotected area on large animals, the underside, from the chin to the utters.

Livestock managers know that happy animals produce more, and research shows mental health management improves production, and it makes us happier too.

  • Least expensive Comfort Brush on the market
  • Alleviates stress
  • Natural grooming alternative
  • Prevents unnecessary facilities damage
  • Flying insect and parasite relief

The brushes have been designed for the animals to scratch themselves on whenever they need to. Not only does this improve the cows’ quality of life, it makes it less likely that the cows will injure themselves and your facilities.

Additionally, animal scratching brushes are linked to increased animal performance, such as better feed intake and a gain in milk production.

This heavy-duty stationary cow brush features a 14” X 3” round brush head. The brush is attached to a 44" sturdy but flexible rubber base that is buried to the desired height of the animal’s belly, offering just the right amount of sturdy flexion to let your cows brush their underside from their chin and down between their legs.

The BellyBrush is ideal for barns or lots with no electrical access. The design is maintenance free and there are no additional costs accrued upon install.


Reduce Stress

Abrae recommends the installation of the BellyBrush around walking areas, in holding areas or if possible near rotating or hanging stationary brushes to complete a full body grooming experience. One brush can efficiently service numerous cattle keeping them cleaner, healthier and more comfortable. More importantly, cows are prevented from hurting themselves by grooming on brushes versus other surfaces in the barn or enclosure.