Q1. How high should the brush be?

A. Approximate or measure the distance from the ground to the Sternum, then add 2 inches.



Q2. How do I install the Bellybrush?

A. Dig a hole as you would for a fence post, then place the Bellybrush into the hole and measure the distance from the ground surface to the tip of the brush using the height measurement (See Q1) Adjust height as needed.

Pack soil as you back fill the using the dirt from digging the hole.

Concrete is not needed or recommended  as you may need to adjust or change for a different horse!



Q3. How high should the brush be if there are multiple horses that can use it?

A. We recommend using the average height of the group as a measuring point for installation.

The brush will flex down for a shorter horse and taller horses will squat to find a comfort scratch.



Q4. How stiff is the brush?

A. The brush head uses the same brush filaments as a stiff broom.

During use the brush head bristles spread and open up like any brush would, and over time will fan out to a larger circumference and cover a larger contact area. The more use they have the more they like it. Just like us, horses will push harder or softer to scratch as they see fit. (See Q3)