Equine Belly Scratcher 


Equine Comfort Brush Health Benefits

Horses really have trouble scratching their belly and between their legs, making them miserable! We know that they itch when we're not around and we can't always be there to scratch their belly, but we can let them do it themselves. The bellybrush fulfills this necessity to control biting insects at the only place they can’t reach themselves.


Proactive management practice focuses on providing horses with the highest level of comfort and safety. The BellyBrush reinforces’ natural grooming habits and improves mental health making them a happier better-balanced companion.

Happy horses do eat and sleep better, however, more importantly, the midline (belly) is believed to be the most common transmission site for infections such as Equine Infectious Anemia, Dry Land Distemper (Pigeon fever), etc., and because flying insects are the most common disease transmission vectors, fly control is a fundamental part of management. The patented BellyBrush is the only product engineered and designed to specifically target fly control and scratching safely between the legs and abdomen, providing the ability to lead as close to natural life as possible.

This heavy-duty equine scratcher features a 14” X 3” round brush head. The brush head is attached to a 44” sturdy but flexible rubber base that is buried to the measured height of the animal’s belly, offering just the right amount of sturdy flexion to let your horse walk over and scratch or swipe its’ body to relieve the annoyance. Good for horses with or without flysheets. Vital for horses with allergies to fly spray

  • Natural chemical free insect abatement
  • Great for senior horses that have difficulty getting up and down
  • Help for horses with short or cut tails
  • Great for horses suffering from Sweet Itch
  • Wonderful for horses living alone without a buddy

The BellyBrush is ideal for barns or lots with no electrical access. The design is maintenance free and there are no additional costs accrued upon install.


Reduce Stress

The Equine Comfort Brush gives more than comfort. Curtailing the frustration of annoying insects reduces stress. Introducing durable habitat replacement elements helps satisfy the full behavior spectrum of horses. For horses Abrae recommends the installation of the BellyBrush in open flat areas where horses congregate or relax, centered in holding areas or near scratching posts to complete full body self grooming experience. One brush can efficiently service numerous horses keeping them healthier and more comfortable.