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  • Equine Belly Scratcher/Cow Brush 


Let's be clear! This is the only product in the world that lets large animals scratch their own belly whenever they want to, without your assistance! It's as simple as that!

Made with stainless steel bands and cryogenic rubber (the cleanest, highest grade of recycled rubber granule), the BellyBrush is a large flexible brush resembling a post. It measures 58” x 3” round, and is made with durable Eco-friendly materials. A design that gives large animals the ability to self-regulate itching, scratching and control flies and other biting insects on the belly and between the legs. Weather tested 8 years; lab tested to -20°

This patented versatile animal enrichment product is for year-round use. A bi-annual shedding routine essential, this comfort brush is made available to one animal or to a herd as a fixture in their living environments, including stable and ranch pastures, paddocks, corrals, runs and zoos. Ground mounted it stands ready for use at the will of the animal to walk over and scratch or swipe its’ body. The BellyBrush helps prevent skin abrasions and puncture wounds and has the added benefit of offsetting boredom, and the need to control biting insects and itching at the only place on their body that they cannot reach themselves.

Preferred Features:

  • Safe to use.
  • Won't pull hair.
  • Installation is simple.
  • One size fits all.
  • Improves mental health.
  • Non-chemical relief.
  • Durable, Durable, Durable
  • Cattle / Cows: Use in near motorized Cow Brushes for full body scratch support.
  • Horses / Ponies: Use in conjunction with fly sheets & fly masks for total body support.
  • Helps satisfy the full behavior spectrum.
  • Maintenance Free
  • No Electricity Needed  


Simply dig a hole and bury the brush post to the height of the animal's belly. Pack down dirt. Finished!